I woke up this morning like I do on many occasions in this century, around 6.30 am – distressed, depressed, perturbed, concerned, but still conscious of the state of our world, my head spinning with various useless ideas about what to do about it generally, because unless we, the general public, do this together on a massive scale (with together-ness), then all of our talk and pontificating is inert and inoperative…

Oh well, nothing much new with this particular morning then….so I decide to get out of bed and turn my computer on and search out some youtube clips of the late and beloved comedian George Carlin, who tells it like it is…and delivers wonderful humour with it to help you feel a little lighter about the shitty state of things on this dear planet of ours.

He said and I quote: ” I always question received reality, because the consensus reality is often intentionally misleading. The power does what it wants ..”

The US (and virtually the world) was bought and sold a long time ago and somehow we have all agreed that money, banks, a few inconceivably rich people and the corporate world should ultimately rule and enslave us all. And we think this is OK as long as we have reality TV, computers, mobile phones, designer wear, hardware, software, fast food…..oh no wait a minute, there’s organic food now….some of us are being fooled into thinking that organic food makes everything all right…even if you don’t change the rest of your world view and address your conditioning. And some of us in this bracket know that a third of the world can’t afford computers and software let alone organic food. So where am I going with this? I don’t really know, I am simply ranting and blogging because I can. And because my dear manager Lisa requests that I blog on this new website because otherwise she feels she has to do it for me. She is patient and good-natured! Bless her, and she still has faith in music and its place in the world, even if the music industry has been virtually destroyed by greedy idiots and bullshitters….oh well, we soldier on, eh…

If you can spare a moment have a look at George Carlin on youtube..he has some very wise and perceptive things to say about the world and how we live, and he will make you laugh… as long as we can still laugh then I believe there has to be hope as well, there just has to be…right?

And with that I will go about my day with these thoughts until this evening probably….and now it is evening so i will bid you……Good night and good luck.

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