I see unrest in the streets of Egypt again, it’s like a *deja vu* of earlier this year, the same images of Tahrir square, the same violence perpetrated by the alleged keepers of peace …. and part of me is not surprised.
Trying to unseat decades of corruption that runs so deep through the very infrastructure of a country seems like an impossibly long struggle; the army are intertwined with the old regime and so its old ways prevail, and so nothing changes….

Then half-way around the world ordinary working people take to the streets to protest against the banks, the corporatocracy… This failing system is also corrupt to its very essence, and it’s clear: nothing is working for us.
My friend Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist movement recently said to me in an email, “You know Natacha, we have an uphill battle of extreme proportions… and
even those in the Occupy Wall Street movement are in the very early stages of understanding the root flaws at work. It may take another level of social failure/deprivation for more people to see what is really at work here.”

I agree with him for the most part but I feel the Egyptian people are potentially further down the route leading to the clarification of the truth than most of Europe, and the West in general. That said, I do feel that the events worldwide are a signal, a beginning; a spark, perhaps, of an awakening…. and a spark is all we need to begin
change, as long as it may take, as long as it takes…

“Where the world is not split into a thousand fragments,
Under siege, forgotten, or Lost. There is a land where words are the purveyors of truth There shall we know unity and stand together as one.”

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