Samy Bishai and I were talking about the events in recent news regarding the eurozone crisis… A very long term plan to stockpile all of the world’s gold by the corporatocracy and the world banksters….
Surely, it’s a convenient coincidence that the sum total value of Italy’s gold reserves is as near as dammit equal to the amount of maturing debt Italy needs to pay off in order to stabilise economically.
It’s never been exactly clear who was pushing for the abolishment of the gold standard in the United States and the establishment of the Federal Reserve, but it is largely agreed upon that it is the oldest banks/banking families of Europe.
For the longest time it was the churches that were the focus of wealth. All the crusades and wars were only thinly disguised exercises in wealth accumulation masquerading as missions of enlightenment in the name of a higher deity. The convolution of the language and vocabulary of economics is no coincidence either, the over-complication of the concepts and principles at work (hedge funds, tracking funds, bonds, derivatives, gdp’s, etc…,) on every level from domestic and internal to macro-scale international economics serves only to blur the painfully obvious: which is that there isn’t a government in existence that isnt bankrupt…even those that are apparantly stable will be broke in a decade, if that.
The very banks that caused the economic crisis in the first place are ironically the thieving bastards that stand to gain the most out of it, as they are the very fuckers that will end up sitting on all the gold reserves that belonged to the governments that bailed them out….Conspiracy?
Think about it long and hard, folks…
Some of the best brains on the planet (maths geniuses and the like) work for the biggest banks… Now, surely it is impossibly unrealistic to think that the amalgamated intelligence at work failed to see the risk factors of the irresponsibility of their actions…That being the case, it’s equally unrealistic to see the stage that we are at within the unfolding of the big plan and fail to note the correlation.
Hypothesis: World War 2 was the turning point, in that it was officially the end of the age of empires.
Economically every country (apart from Switzerland) was brought to its knees. In the aftermath, a pan-European scarcity environment was established where all governments were forced to accrue monumental debt in order to rebuild their countries and economies.
Since then banks have been exponentially in the ascension, so looking at the last 60 years of it all , it all seems to be leading to one end result …the accumulation of all perceived true wealth: Gold.
So whereas in the feudal system of the middle ages, the churches and the aristocracy where the rulers and the holders of wealth, enjoying absolute ownership of everything and everyone, we have now come full circle: the power has shifted, in that the banks have replaced the old powers of the church, while corporations have replaced the aristocracy.
But the question is: Is it actually possible that all the banks of the world were simultaneously greedy and stupid to the point of such mindlessly stupid risk-taking with people’s money?
Or was it carefully orchestrated, a masterplan by the true keepers of power, the upper one percent?
The game is all coming to an end; we are down to playing it with negative money. Buying a country’s debt, monolithic amounts of non-existing, ever-expanding mythic sums of non-money, that somehow render the criminal private banks exponentially richer, leaving everyone else exponentially poorer, on a private and public scale of inevitable self-imploding social destruction.
Gamal Mubarak, the ex-president’s son, bought Egypt’s debt, then sat on it for a bit and sold it for a huge profit, at the expense of the country’s economy… which is what all of the banks are doing on a global scale, i.e Iceland, and now, the Eurozone… so how are the banks any less criminal than the Mubaraks? Iceland should have been a warning of things to come, the pebble heralding the impending financial avalanche… and the history we are living is evidence of that.
How can the governments of the world justify their position to the people whose collective interests are entrusted unto them?
Governments should not be forced to buy their own currency from banks, the very banks that require bailouts from said governments when they play Russian Roulette with people’s savings and lose,
and yet individuals are expected to be held accountable and culpable for their financial sins, all of which are exacerbated by the additional tax burden of footing the bill for the government’s bailout of the only fuckers who will make any money (NON-money) out of all this meaninglessness.
Whilst the rest of the world continues to accumulate market value in the form of infinitely accruing debt.
All of this is nonsense…. why are we the people allowing it? Society is being bankraped, as Max Keiser (of the Keiser Report on RT) says, speaking within the ideology of a monetary system.
Taking a step back from that ideology, it seems tragically evident that collectively as a species and a civilisation we are in fact mind raped by the most ultimately self-destructive, non-existent devil….of our own creation.

Natacha Atlas and Samy Bishai (December 3rd 2011)

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