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Dave Banks from Los Angeles, California USA wrote at September 10, 2012:
Hi Natacha, Writing a book (Cue the Camels) on my misadventures, mishaps and travel blisters of shooting documentaries and news in the Middle East for 17 years. One chapter is titled Natacha Atlas and Jerusalem Syndrome- no yet publish, but happy to email you a copy. I used your music for international travel for years starting with a portable CD player then graduating to the iPod. Your music is and has always been the soundtrack to my travels. Thank you. Cheers, Dave Banks
Sellam from Algeria-Sweden wrote at September 9, 2012:
ahmed from egypt wrote at September 3, 2012:
hi just want to see u make concert in egypt soon one of ur fans
Hargeville from France wrote at August 21, 2012:
Chère Natacha, je vous remercie pour votre musique
Hargeville wrote at August 21, 2012:
Chère Natacha, je vous remercie pour votre musique
Merve from Turkey wrote at August 18, 2012:
Natacha, you have no idea how I love you. I swear I've listening your unbelievable beautiful voice every single day almost. I saw you in İstanbul last time you've came. hope you come again sooon very sooon please make music until the end of the world. Habibti Love you.
alejandro from costa rica wrote at July 22, 2012:
ojala pronto suban las letras en español de las canciones y ojala el proximo album de natacha sea mas electronico y bailable!
Jose from Lisbon wrote at June 19, 2012:
Hi! Where can i find lyrics translation to English, Spanish, French or Portuguese
Natália from Brazil wrote at May 31, 2012:
Natacha! I love you, your songs, clothing and style. When are you coming to Brazil? Hope to see you soon in São Paulo! All the Best! : ))
jukka tiippana wrote at May 27, 2012:
Natacha in Maailma kylässä -festival in Helsinki 26.5.2012: http://www.jti.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Natasha+Atlas/_DSC8905kk.jpg Thank You, Great show!
Filiz wrote at May 9, 2012:
your concert with jean pierre smadj in march/2012 was astonishing but we didnt have much chance to listen to you. we would be very happy if you had a concert in istanbul. your music is just magical. thank you. best regards
Ernesto RH from Mexico DF wrote at May 2, 2012:
Un saludo y un fuerte abrazo desde la Ciudad de Mexico, para una de las voces mas hermosas del mundo
Melissa from Nyon, Suisse wrote at April 19, 2012:
Bonjour Natacha! J'habite à Nyon, oú le Paleo Festival aura lieu le juillet prochain. J'y vais à votre concert et j'aimerai bien savoir si vous faites le Meet&Greet avec vos fans... J'aimarai vous parler pendant un petit moment, faire quelques photos.... J'ai fait connessance de votre music a cause de la danse oriental... je suis danseuse depuis 2000. Merci d'avance!
Mary from Scotland wrote at February 8, 2012:
I loved the song you sang for Kingdom of Heaven (one of my favourite films!) and I recently started listening to more of your music- and i'm loving what i've heard so far! I think Light of Life is still my favourite though- it's such a beautiful song :) Keep up the good work!
Indiana from US wrote at January 10, 2012:
We love you Natacha! It's inspirational how proud you are of your heritage; it has inspired us to accept ourselves.
Leif Johansson from Stromstad, Sweden wrote at November 3, 2011:
Hello. I think it's wonderful that you are going to tour this part of the world this time of the year! It really brightens up an otherwise cold and dark autumn. Can hardly wait to take the small ferry out to the beautiful little island of Sydkoster, for your show tomorrow! If you get the chance and are into shellfish, please try the local lobsters which are in season right now ;)
Constantin from Caucasus, Russia wrote at October 26, 2011:
Dear Natacha, thank you for your music! It's really great and inspiring!
Rupi Padma from America wrote at October 26, 2011:
Thanks for the music and this great website. I have favorited this.
Robert G. von Kampen, Ph.D. from Earth wrote at October 8, 2011:
ماذا سنجد العجب عن الواثقة, القوية في قيادات نسائية في الشرق الأوسط?
Robert G. von Kampen, Ph.D. from Earth wrote at October 8, 2011:
What do you find surprising about strong, confident, female leaders in the Middle East?
لي كابس from US wrote at October 1, 2011:
أريد أن أسألك سؤالا حول بلوق الخاص في سبتمبر 28،2011. أشارك أفكار مماثلة. يمكنك البريد الالكتروني لي من فضلك؟ شكرا جزيلا.
Elif from Turkey wrote at September 26, 2011:
love from Turkey.
Lucinda from Los Angeles wrote at September 24, 2011:
Hello Natacha! Have been hearing the Zab Spencer mix of "Taalet" on Garth Trinidad's show on KCRW here in LA - sounding great! Can't wait for the remix album release next week ! Love you x
Joop from The Netherlands wrote at September 23, 2011:
Hi Natacha, your new website looking great! Will there be a video-clip coming from the Mounqaliba album? Hopefully you will come to The Netherlands again soon. Love your music Greetings from The Netherlands.
Rachel from USA wrote at September 23, 2011:
Can't wait for your remix album on the 27th! Keep up the good work!
Hideko from Japan wrote at September 23, 2011:
I love your voice since the times you're in Transglobal Underground! Your music heals me magically.
TN from Finland wrote at September 21, 2011:
Hi Natacha ! Regards from Your Fan from Finland. Inti katiir katiir helua wa mutrib kabira:):):) All the Best for You !
Gabriel from Cuba - Argentina wrote at September 21, 2011:
Hi, Natacha! It's nothing new for you, but I've got to say it: You're a great artist! Your singing and your music always bring me joy; peace and hope when life goes through trouble times too. Looking foward to seeing you singing in Buenos Aires someday, Gabriel
Philip Kasiaras from Washington D.C. wrote at September 21, 2011:
Great website! Natacha, any chance you will visit the East Coast of the States anytime soonish? Haven't seen ou since NYC 11/08! Can I set up a gig for you?
Peter Draper from Qatar wrote at September 21, 2011:
What a really nice new site! Thanks for sharing everything that you do and for making the world a lot better
TF Carse from US wrote at September 20, 2011:
I love your music all the more with every new album. Very glad you have a new Website. What new music will you release next? Thanks for the incredible tunes!
SC from UK (Indian) wrote at September 20, 2011:
Great site and so glad you're back online again. Loved Mounqaliba - priceless, you've never sounded better - such musicianship.
Lee from Tupelo, Mississippi USA wrote at September 20, 2011:
Natacha , I really like the new website. It's much better than the myspace site!
Mariusz Sarkan from Poland wrote at September 20, 2011:
Thank you for your amazing music!
Davide Simonetti from London, UK wrote at September 20, 2011:
Hi Natacha, the website looks lovely. Hope all is well with you. It would be great to see you sometime soon :-)
Vince from The Cronx wrote at September 20, 2011:
السلام عليكم, Natacha - I'm looking forward to your new remix album...will be pimping it in our blog and podcast!
Sylwia Murzyn from Bristol / Sosnowiec wrote at September 20, 2011:
Just want to say thank you for making this AMAZING music. Great that your website is back online :) Hope that there will be lyrics like it used to be on old site ;)
Hratch from Beirut wrote at September 20, 2011:
Congrats for the new web site. Wish you all the best and prosperity . Cheers
Jean Claude from Marseille wrote at July 25, 2011:
Hi Natacha, veuillez visiter Marseille pour effectuer bientôt
Rachel from London wrote at July 24, 2011:
Hi Natacha! I hope you will be touring the UK soon! Any plans for a London show?
Helen from New Zealand wrote at July 24, 2011:
Hello and lot's of love to Natacha! I would like to share this with everyone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RdpAmF_Ltw